Barnby Engineering      

2 Lakeside Park,Neptune Close,Medway City Estate,Rochester,Kent,ME2 4LT.

Tel. 01634 711801 Fax 01634 711766             Vat No. 661 7582 15


                                         13 Rim prices (All prices plus V.A.T.)

                                          Size                   Price                                                    Size                      Price                                                

OUTER RIMS             OR1310                    42-00           INNER RIMS             IR1340                      54-00                                Home

                                    OR1315                     44-00                                              IR1345                      58-00                                Hub Drawing

                                    OR1320                     46-00                                              IR1350                      59-00                                Rim assembly drawing

                                    OR1325                     47-00                                              IR1355                      62-00                                13" Wheel centres

                                    OR1330                     52-00                                              IR1360                      69-00                                Contact

                                    OR1335                     55-00                                              IR1365                      71-00                                Customer Gallery

                                    OR1340                     58-00                                              IR1370                      75-00                                Magnesium protection

                                    OR1345                     61-00                                              IR1375                      81-00                                Product news

                                    OR1350                     68-00                                              IR1380                      85-00                               

                                    OR1360                     79-00                                              IR1385                      98-00                               

                                    OR1370                     86-00

                                    OR1380                   101-00

                                    OR1390                   125-00

                                    OR13-10                  184-00


Ordering example:- OR1340 = 13 outer rim 4 wide

                               IR1370  = 13 inner rim 7 wide




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